dome geological structure

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Richat StructureWikipedia

The Richat Structure, also called Guelb er Richât (Arabic قلب الريشات Qalb ar-Rīšāt), is a prominent circular geological feature in the Sahara’s Adrar Plateau, near Ouadane, west–central Mauritania, Northwest Africa.In the local dialect, Richat means feather and it also is known locally in Arabic as tagense.Tagense refers to the circular opening of the leather pouch used to …

Salt domeWikipedia

A salt dome is a type of structural dome formed when salt (or other evaporite minerals) intrudes into overlying rocks in a process known as diapirism.Salt domes can have unique surface and subsurface structures, and they can be discovered using techniques such as seismic reflection.They are important in petroleum geology as they can function as petroleum traps

Richat Structure – Mauritania – Atlas Obscura

Jan 08, 2009 · In the midst of the vast, vacant Sahara desert, just outside of Ouadane, Mauritania, lies a 30-mile wide geological oddity known the Richat …

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